Electrostatic Disinfecting and Odor Removal

When it comes to maintaining a high level of cleanliness, use, and safety in your facility and home, it is vital that your space is kept thoroughly clean by a professional. Sanitize My Empire makes use of advanced technology to effectively and efficiently clean even the most hard-to-reach surfaces. We use electrostatic disinfection technology, a tool used to apply disinfectants, mold preventatives, and sanitizers to 3D surfaces for a 360-degree complete clean. Electrostatic disinfection technology is often used in facilities and homes where mold or bacteria outbreak has been suspected or identified, but it is also a great tool in supplementing the everyday cleaning techniques used in for example corporate offices, medical and healthcare facilities, schools, commercial kitchens, hotels, gyms, cars, buses, theaters and even residential spaces. The technician will be using an Electrostatic Sprayer or/and Fogger to apply a disinfectant solution in all areas agreed upon in the scope of work. You don’t have to be there while our experts work. Just let us know how to get access—garage or door codes or a hidden key are perfect. Use our Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Pages to customize your home disinfectant cleaning to your unique needs and get instant personalized pricing directly on our website. Book online or call in and also receive an instant online and email confirmation. Save when you book recurring visits!

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